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And then he pulled it, or rather carried it, right on up to the entrance of the hut of the boys. Do you have a mother and father?

Meet Camazotz, the Ancient Mayan Batman

After that the boys shared their thoughts: "About this boy: what should we do with him? He lifted that log all by himself. Let's dig a big hole for him, and then we'll throw him down in the hole. After that he went down in the hole. But the only hole he dug was for his own salvation. He realised that he was to be killed, so he dug a separate hole to one side, he dug a second hole for safety. When I call to you, the digging will be finished," said Zipacna, from down in the hole. But he's not digging at the bottom of the hole, in his own grave; rather, the whole he's digging is for his own salvation.

What The Ancient Maya Can Teach Us About Living Well

After that, when Zipacna called out, he had gone to safety in his own hole. Then he called out: "Come here, take the dirt, the fill from the hole. It's been dug. I have really gone down deep! Can't you hear my call? He is hidden in there, he calls out from down in the hole. Meanwhile, a big log is being dragged along by the boys. And then they threw the log down in the hole. He doesn't speak.

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He should cry out when he dies," they said among themselves. They're just whispering, and they've hidden themselves, each one of them, after throwing down the log. And then he did speak, now he gave a single cry.

He called out when the log fell to the bottom. He's been finished! We've done him in, he's dead. He would have made himself first among others and taken our place-we, the boys! Now they enjoyed themselves: "On to the making of our sweet drink!

Three days will pass, and after three days let's drink to dedicate our hut-we, the boys! After that our hearts will be content when we drink our sweet drink," they said. But Zipacna was listening from the hole when the boys specified "the day after tomorrow.

Having taken their pickings under the log, they were everywhere, carrying hair in their mouths and carrying the nails of Zipacna. When the boys saw this: "He's finished, that trickster!


Look here how the ants have stripped him, how they've swarmed. Everywhere they carry hair in their mouths. It's his nails you can see. We've done it! But this Zipacna is still alive. He just cut the hair of his head and chews off his nails to give them to the ants. And so the boys thought he had died. After that, their sweet drink was ready on the third day, and then all the boys got drunk, and once they were drunk, all of those boys, they weren't feeling a thing.

After that the hut was brought down on top of them by Zipacna. All of them were completely flattened. Not even one or two were saved from among all the boys. See Article History. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Four gods, the Bacab s, sustained the sky. Each world direction was associated with a Bacab , a sacred ceiba, or silk cotton tree, a bird, and a colour according to the following scheme: east—red, north—white, west—black, and south—yellow. Green was the colour of the centre. Myth, a symbolic narrative, usually of unknown origin and at least partly traditional, that ostensibly relates actual events and that is especially associated with religious belief.

Maya Civilization

It is distinguished from symbolic behaviour cult, ritual and symbolic places or objects temples, icons. Myths are…. London: Thames and Hudson.

Magical Maya creatures bring Mexican myths to life (Learning World: S5E14, part 2/3)

Peck DT. Taube K.

Mayan Legends: 4 Bedtime Stories of an Ancient Civilization

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