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    Identifications of ancient Egyptian royal mummies from the 18th Dynasty reconsidered.

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    First Name. Email Address. Thanks for subscribing to my blog! With one click, please share with others so that they also can get my FREE e-book:. Posted on Wednesday, March 20, The offhand decision by Sadat, who was assassinated a year later by Islamic fundamentalists, never was put on paper as an official presidential order.

    Egypt’s Royal Pharaonic Mummies to Go Back on Display--This Time, in Dignity

    Nevertheless, antiquities officials, speaking privately, said the decision to open the mummies again to the public required delicate political maneuvering. Kadry, who did not head the antiquities organization when Sadat closed the mummy room, said a new chamber is being prepared in the year-old Egyptian Museum off Liberation Square in downtown Cairo. The mummy of Ramses himself was taken to France in the s for treatment of a fungus condition that threatened its ruin.

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    The new display hall will have dim lighting and a ceiling of gold stars in a deep blue sky similar to that of the original tombs of ancient Egypt. The mummies will rest in glass containers at controlled temperature and humidity, Kadry said.

    The Royal Mummies

    Ramses II, also known as Ramses the Great, whose remaining strands of hair have yellowed from chemicals, remained in an air-conditioned glass box among other Pharaonic artifacts in the museum proper, hidden from view under a blue velvet cover. He is an avid sports enthusiast, with a keen love for professional road cycling and world travel.

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    • Based out of Toronto, Canada, he is involved in several youth-oriented charities, and referees soccer part-time. Top 10 Egyptologists to Follow.

      The Faces of Egypt in Siwa. A lthough the collection of royal dead has received a mixed response, it includes some of the most important figures from Egyptian history, originally discovered in two mummy caches in the 19th century. Mummies from the valleys of the Kings and Queens are on display, save for that of the boy king Tutankhamun, whose mummy rests in its original tomb in the Valley of the Kings.

      Admission rates are in Egyptian pounds EGP.